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Flow Errors & Error Codes

Flow Errors & Error Codes

Symptoms - Not Heating, FLO or DRY Message, 3 Flashing Dots.

Flow errors are common when it comes to hot tub repair. These faults often are displayed as a message like FL, FLO, 3 flashing dots on the keypad display and the spa stops heating all together, for safety reasons. Usually this is because the spa has sensed an issue with the spa water flow. Simple actions to try before a hot tub service call out...

Water Level - Make sure your water level is topped up to the maximum level.

Filter - Ensure the filter is clean, or try running it without the filter to test. This will increase the flow throughout the spa. Make sure there is nothing in the spa water like kids toys that can get sucked down the filter hole, if the filter area is left open.

Jets Open - Check all the jets on the spa are open. Spas which use the jet pumps to filter and heat, often this can be a common issue and cause and can easily save you a hot tub service visit.


Spa Reset - Sometimes a simple on/off at the isolater switch can correct this to avoid a hot tub service call out. 

It is possible you have a genuine issue such as pressure switch, sensor, flow switch, pipe blockage, problem with heating pump, problem with heater or even problem with PCB. If you have carried out the above actions and the fault remains, it could be time for a hot tub repair call out.

Contact us for a hot tub repair visit.

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