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James Howe Spa Simple Ltd

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Our business is service, we are a one-stop shop for anything relating to hot tubs, spas & swim spas. We offer multi-brand experience and have been supporting customers since 2009, formerly through the Hot Tub People, Fitswim and Lakeside Spas, all based in Bristol.  


We have spent a long time building a reliable network of trusted suppliers, offering genuine parts and quality products.


From the initial contact, you will be talking to hot tub professionals, so if you want to talk technical, are after general advice or simply require some better understanding, then contact us today.

  • How long is the typical response time?
    We aim to handle your call and query within 24 hours, during normal working hours. From booking, to service visit, we are confident you should find availability within 14 days, typically. If you cant wait, we encourage you to phone us and we will do our best to get to you asap. If you can offer flexibility, then we can work with this easier.
  • Do I have to be present?
    Not necessarily. As long as you have side or rear access, then we are happy to help ourselves with your permission. We do advise to make yourself contactable during our visit, and strongly recommend leaving access to water and power, so we can effectively carry out most works.
  • What is included in my service visit?
    For all service visits, the advertised price includes all taxes, allows up to the described amount of time in each service listing, and includes travel to and from the job, within our service area. Where you see 1 hour of our time, this can usually result in 3 hours of our time, when factoring in associated travel and admin time. We are fair, we wont time your visit to the minute, but we can bill for excessive time on site, should a job over-extend considerably due to no control of our own.
  • What area does Spa Simple cover?
    Included in our service area is Bristol, Gloucestershire, South Wales (as far as Cardiff), Wiltshire, Bath, Somerset, North and West Dorset, and East Devon. We can make exceptions, but we focus on giving a professional and reliable service, and this is best achieved in a more targeted area.
  • Do I get guarantees?
    Our work, just like the parts we fit, all come guaranteed for peace of mind. 1. New Parts - Supplier guaranteed for 12 months typically, supported by Spa Simple Ltd. We will be your point on contact. 2. Fitting/Plumbing Works - Guaranteed by us for a period of 12 months, if it's related to previous work/s we have carried out. 3. Customer Supplied Parts - Both works and parts are not guaranteed by us. We are generally happy to fit cheaper parts you may source, but we can never put our name to it. Some parts can be copied cheap and although may appear the same and offer the same function, the life of these parts can be much shorter. Our parts may not always be the cheapest, but they are sourced from experienced distribution networks and are backed fully by us.
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