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Air Source Heat Pump
Supply & Installation

Heat pumps for hot tubs are now here. Save as much as 75% off your heating costs with the addition of one of our retro-fit Vian units which can be plumbed into any hot tub or swim spa.  All our heat pumps for hot tubs are offered either supply only or full installation available as an option. The newest 'must have' feature on the market today!

Why Use Heat Pumps for Hot Tubs?

Save Money

What better reason than saving on your heating costs. Unlike a conventional spa heater which pulls 3kw, and outputs 3kw, our entry level air source heat pumps for hot tubs pull a maximum draw of 0.8kw and offer a maximum output of 5kw. 

Better for the Environment

Adding heat pumps for hot tubs is not only good for your wallet, it is also better for the environment. Cut your carbon emissions considerably and relax in your spa, safe in the knowledge you are doing your bit.

How Heat Pumps Work?

How a heat pump works

The fan in heat pumps for hot tubs, draws air over a network of tubes that look a little like a car radiator. These tubes are filled with an eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. The air then passes over the tubes warming up the refrigerant and turning it from a liquid into a gas. This gas is passed through a compressor which increases the pressure and significantly raises the temperature of the gas, which is then passed through a titanium heat exchanger. The swim spa or hot tub’s water circulation system is plumbed through the heat pumps for hot tubs, and the heat from the gas travels through the heat exchanger, which in turn heats the water from the hot tub or swim spa as it passes over it.

The refrigerant then cools and turns back into a liquid and starts the process all over again. Due to how the system works, our air source heat pumps for hot tubs will still produce heat even if the ambient air temperature is below zero as the compression process of the refrigerant gas creates a lot of heat.

Gecko In Therm Pump

ON/OFF Models

When ‘on’, these models will draw a constant amount of power to operate at maximum pow

These air source heat pumps for hot tubs are mostly found on entry level models due to a more basic function.

Gecko In Therm Pump


The benefit of being able to regulate varied power for your air source heat pump for hot tubs. In some cases, this is done smartly by the machine itself. Sometimes referred to as stepped inverter, these models may have stages or steps of power use. From very low power, to full power. They also have the added benefit of being quieter than an ON/OFF heat air source heat pump for hot tubs

Gecko In Therm Pump


The Full DC Inverter models can regulate the power consumption over a much more fluid range on your air source heat pump for hot tubs. This technology makes full DC inverter heat pumps the most efficient types of machine over the long term. Full DC Inverter models are also the most quiet in operation.

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