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Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps for Your Hot Tub

Updated: Jan 3

It is no secret that hot tubs and swim spas have always had a reputation of being 'expensive' when it comes to the running cost. For years, £1 per day was the standard answer for most hot tub dealers, based on fair usage, but since the rise in energy costs, this cost has likely jumped up considerably. The running cost will vary from customer to customer, due to such factors as usage, location or position of the spa, the spa settings, the spa build and insulation, and even the customers energy tariff.

Air source heat pumps are fast becoming a popular add-on for customers. Typically, an installation can cost you around £1500-£2500 including fitting, but the ROI (return on investment) can be as short as 24 months, when taking into account current energy costs.

Hot Tub Heat Pump Installation

Understanding the benefits is fairly simple. Your current, in-line heater is either 2kw or 3kw in power, depending on model. This will draw 2kw or 3kw of power on input, and output 2kw or 3kw of power. When you compare this to a 5kw inverter heat pump for example, this will draw around 0.9kw on input and can offer as much as 5kw on output. In simple terms, you could be saving as much as 50 - 70% on power draw, with the additional benefit of a greater output, resulting in a shorter running time and even further savings.

However, something to be aware of is heat pumps are always advertised and promoted based on their optimum levels, but you will need to dive into the detail a bit closer to better manage your expectations. The power they will generate is dependant on the ambient outdoor temperature, as it uses natural air flow. This means in the example of a 5kw inverter heat pump, 5kw is only achieved based on a higher ambient air temperature like 25c or above, opposed to our cooler UK average which is around 11c. This doesn't affect the power draw, so you will still be drawing less power than a conventional in-line heater, but it will affect the output. This could result in a 5kw heat pump may offer you closer to 3kw if the outside temp is considerably cooler. This is why it can be beneficial to upgrade to a slightly larger unit, for example a 7kw inverter heat pump, and you may achieve closer to 5kw in cooler ambient air temperatures.

Achieving faster heat up times, can further benefit you in running your hot tub differently. You can program your hot tub to sit in rest mode and heat only in filter cycles which can be programmed typically before you use the tub, should you be more routine with your use. Some customers who work away during the week, but want to use the hot tub at weekends, have had success with installing WIFI control so they can REST the hot tub all week, but change the mode to READY when they leave their office, before even arriving home.

Other factors to consider with installation, it is also recommended to keep the heat pump as close to the tub as possible, as you will lose temperature along the external pipe run, even with the pipes insulated or lagged. Most quality heat pumps are quiet enough in operation for this not to pose a problem when using the hot tub. Some customers prefer to move them further away for aesthetic reasons, but you could be compromising the efficiency of the heat pump. In other circumstances, there may not be any other option due to the hot tub being in a cabin for example.

Heat Pump Installation Hot Tub

In short, a Heat Pump is worth the investment if you are keen to continue using your hot tub on a regular basis but operating costs are of concern. A realistic approach should be applied, like with any green technology. The savings that you will achieve need to be measured over 365 days and you may want to tweak typical operation to take advantage of further possible savings you can achieve with an Air Source Heat Pump solution.

Should you wish to know more about the products we offer, the benefits of installation or wish to arrange a no-obligation site visit, then contact us today at, WhatsApp us on 07508199945 or call us on 01275 401140.

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