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7.5kw Inverter Air Source Heat Pump

The Inverboost PBS Heat Pump will work down to -15 degrees. With its Full DC Inverter, this heat pump offers stepped power resulting in improved efficiency to ON/OFF systems. With a draw between 0.14kw - 1.3kw and maximum output of 7.5kw, you will notice the saving on your heating costs. 


This Air Source Heat Pump requires 500mm clearance on the rear and sides minimum, and 2000mm on the front (fan) side.


Comes with power lead, drain hose and manual.


For supply only, you will need to source additional plumbing fittings to connect the unit to your hot tub, swim spa or pool, in addition to pipe lagging (insulation). 


For standard installation, this includes plumbing the heat pump close to the hot tub, swim spa or pool, within the recommended parameters. Supply and fitting all plumbing, lagging (insulation) and labour included, within our service area only.


If you are located outside our service area, or require a more complicated installation due to locating the heat pump further away for example, then please contact us.


If you are interested and ready for an air source heat pump installation, then contact us today for a no-obligation site survey to check on installation prior to ordering. Email us at

Inverboost PBS Heat Pump

PriceFrom £1,485.00
  • Feature Info
    Heat Pump Size 7.5Kw
    Model Style Inverter Heat Pump
    Measurements (L/D/H) 855mm x 325mm x 565mm
    Capacity Kw 2.2kw - 7.5kw
    Power Draw 0.14kw - 1.3kw
    Power Supply

    220v-240v 50HZ Single Phase

    500cm (3-core included)

    Air Temp Operating Range -15℃ to 41 ℃
    Heating Range up to 40℃
    Max Water Volume 25,000 Litres
    Sound (DB@1m) 40-50
    Plumbing Fittings 1.5"
    Heat Exchanger Titanium
    Refridgerant R32
    Flow Rate Required 2.5 mh3
    Cooling Function Yes
    Input Line Control Yes
    Inline Pump Power Supply Unkown
    Wifi Control Yes
    Unit Weight 56kg
    Capacity at 28°C

    100% - 7.5kw

    Capacity at 15°C

    100% - 4.7kw

    Capacity at 0°C


    Capacity at -10°C


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