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Hot Tub Cover 211cm x 211cm. These covers are typically available in fast stock options, in the traditional vinyl/faux leather material. 


Available in Mocha Brown, Graphite Grey or Black colour.


These luxury covers are produced with care, made from the very best quality materials to give you a great spa cover, that will last longer.


  • 211cm x 211cm 
  • Corner Radius 15cm 
  • Skirt Length 15cm 
  • Strap Length 25cm
  • Colour - Grey (Graphite), Brown (Mocha) or Black
  • Tapered 10 - 15cm


Comes with cover clips.


For supply only, the cover will be delivered directly to you, usually within 1-3 business days, depending on available stock.


For delivery and fitting of the new cover, and the removal and disposal of the old cover, this is offered within our service area only. If you are located outside our service area, then please contact us.


Please note - When measuring for a new hot tub cover, length x width x radius are all important to ensure a good fit. If the corner radius is incorrect, then the cover may not cover the spa acrylic correctly. Email us at if you require help.

Hot Tub Cover 211cm x 211cm

PriceFrom £449.00
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