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Hot Tub Problems - Other Common Issues

Hot Tub Problems - Other Common Issues

Symptoms - Somethings Not Right

During our time, we have seen it all with hot tub service. Above, we have covered common or typical issues which we see more regularly but there are many issues we haven't covered, that you still could experience. Below is a few other common issues we see, which should always require attention.

Hot Tub Chemical Dosing - Learning the right way to manage healthy spa water is always advised, though we appreciate in the real world, people tend to find what works for them. In short, sanitiser is key, this will not only help keep the water clear and inviting but also safe for bathers, whether you opt for Chlorine, Bromine or Salt Systems. Little and often is the key, but if you learn to stay on top of it, it doesn't have to be a chore. Balancers such as Ph adjusters are important for controlling potential issues you might not see, such as the prevention of scale formation which could cause big issues on your running parts by shortening the life of them significantly. A well balanced spa will always feel nicer to bath in also. Test and test can never test too much, just remember accurate results aren't instant, so when balancing the spa water, give longer periods between testing.

See Spa Chemicals HERE

Hot Tub Pillow Deterioration - Headrests or pillows are notoriously common for breaking down, and are not cheap to replace. They are deemed as a consumable and will require replacing every so often. By keeping a well balanced spa, which has the opportunity to breath (being used more regularly for example), this will help prevent the pillows from breaking down. You can remove the pillows easily enough on most models, if you go for long periods between not using the spa, this will prevent the life of the pillows. Once a pillow starts to break down, it is common to start finding flakes of rubber in the spa water, which in time, and left unchecked, can cause bigger issues down the line. If you are experiencing these issues, but don't want to pay for a new set of pillows, then simply remove them. They are only cosmetic most of the time, and only on a few models do they make all the difference when using the spa.

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Replacement Hot Tub Covers - Like pillows, hot tub covers have a life. You will be expected to replace it after several years due to excessive weight and poor functionality. It is important to replace your cover when it starts to break down as they can go downhill fast, and should the seam ever damage beyond simple repair, then the cover will start costing you a lot more due to increased heating costs, which is the same result should the cover become very heavy, as the foam inserts become waterlogged and your overall efficiency is compromised. This aside, it's also worth considering the accidental damage you could cause yourself removing or re-installing the lid, before and after use of the spa. We have personally experienced covers which had to be cut up into sections of four, just to be removed from the property due to excessive weight.

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Hot Tub Cover Lifters - If your cover-lifter is becoming buckled or bent, then more than likely this is due to the weight of your cover when the cover is resting on it, when the spa is in use. There are many different options of cover-lifters that work in many different ways. Although they may appear to be part of your cover, 95% of the time, they are an independent fitting and part. Should a cover-lift fail, this could quite easily result in damage to your hot tub sides as well as cover, so always be aware of how this functions and check the shape appears strong and in form. See Spa Cover-Lifters HERE

We are here to help. If you would like to find out more about an issue you are currently experiencing, prior to making an appointment, then talk to us today. Contact us for hot tub service.

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