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Hot Tub Not Heating

Hot Tub Not Heating

Symptoms - Not Reaching Set Point or Not Heating At All

Be sure there is no error which indicates FLOW issues (refer to flow issues above).

If the spa heats up to around mid 20's but no higher, then this could just be heat generated from the pumps & friction and the heater may not be working. Simple actions to try before a hot tub repair call out...

Heater - Most of the time it's the heater element itself which has failed. You wouldn't expect to see an error code in this instance, but the water just wont heat up. Sometimes we can replace the heater element only, other times it's best to replace the whole heater.

Pump - Depending on if your spa uses the jet pump for heating, or has a dedicated circulation pump, both can be common issues if the spa is heating irregularly or not at all. If the pump which controls your heating, doesn't run as it should, then the spa wont heat as it should. As pumps get old and tired, it is common for them to overheat, which means from one day to the next the water may reach set point, then cool down again as the pump can fail to kick back in when it should. This is usually caused by the pump overheating or it could just be a capacitor (start up battery), located on the top of the pump. This can be replaced for fairly low cost, but is usually a sign the pump is on its way out.


PCB - If a relay on the main control board (PCB) sticks, then this could also result in some strange heating patterns. You may hear lots of clicking coming from the spa in this instance, or none at all. In normal operation, just before the heater comes on, you should hear a small click from the PCB. This is the relay switching to give the heater the signal to power. If the relay is faulty, then the heater wont come on when it should, or wont turn off when it should causing overheat issues. Either way, more than likely this can result in a new PCB, but depending on the age of the spa and part availability, this could result in a complete pack upgrade.

After carrying out the basic tests, also referring to the flow error guide above, if the problem persists, then it is advised to book a hot tub repair call out to investigate further. 

Contact us for a hot tub repair visit.

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