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Hot Tub Leaking

Hot Tub Leaking

Symptoms - Loss of Water, Frequently Topping Up

When you experience a leak, you can only hope that it's an easy fix. When you consider a hot tub or swim spa is made up of hundreds of glued joints, then anything's possible. As hot tubs get older, they are more prone to leaks on pipework as the plastic can become brittle and seals corrode.

How to find a leak...

Access Inspection - Most spas will contain the running kit such as pumps and heater in one area, known as your access panel. This is always a wise place to start looking for leaks due to threaded joints and maximum pressure. If the spa is leaking on Pump 2 for example, then such methods as simply not using the pump should slow the leak down as it will leak faster under pressure. You may have shut-off valves inside the spa which can isolate certain parts, temporarily stopping the leaking.

Topside Controls - Always check the larger controls on the spa topside, known as Diverters. If one of these appear to be leaking, spraying or even seeping, then this could quite easily be the problem, even if it appears to be running back into the spa water. This should come to a stop when the pump that operates the Diverter stops running. If the Diverter runs on the same pump line as the heating pump, for example JET 1, then it would be advised to turn the spa off until the offending part can be replaced as if left unchecked, this could result in more damage and work.

Filter Tops - Coast Spas, Hydropool, Build-A-Spa hot tubs use a pressurised filtration system. If the filter canister top splits under pressure, or the seal wears, then turn the spa off. These areas build up with a lot of pressure and the issue will more than likely get worse, very quickly. In some cases this can even damage the filter canister itself if left unchecked, which can result in expensive repairs.

Drains - Always make sure your drain on the spa is fully closed. Sounds a bit obvious, but even a drip will cause you noticeable water loss over time and more expense in running the spa if you're topping it up and heating it more often than you should be.

Further Testing - If the spa continues to leak after visually inspecting the access area, then you could turn the spa off and see where the water finally settles, though this could take a while if it's a very slow leak. This should indicate the area/s to check next, as it could be one of many jets, lights or controls found at the level the water level stops leaking.

Call Out - Should you call out an engineer, then it is advised to fill the spa up prior to the engineers arrival, where possible. It's much easier to find a leak with water coming out. If the spa leaks as fast as it fills, or should the spa be indoors and you are concerned of further flood damage, then maybe best to leave it to the engineer.

Plumbing fittings tend to be much cheaper than running parts such as pumps and heaters, but plumbing fixes tend to be more labour involved.

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